Adam Scholtes

Kofi Darku

A native of South Bend, Indiana (Go, Irish!), Adam spent the better part of a decade working in the electrical distribution industry before joining Morales Group in a business development role. Four years later, he leads a team of ten account executives who work together to create opportunities that benefit both employers and employees. Adam’s passion as a champion for inclusivity and diversity is a perfect fit with the Morales Group mission to serve the whole community. 


Adam brings the perspective of an improvement junkie to the podcast, guiding conversations with questions that uncover the tactical details listeners need. His focus on actionable insights helps articulate the actual steps listeners need to take to optimize and streamline processes within their own organizations.


With more than a dozen years’ experience in early childhood education, Kofi has a deep and practical understanding of how the right learning opportunity can change a life. As the Director of Workforce Development at Morales Group, he helps others—both employees and employers—understand the importance of education as a critical tool to bridge the skills gap. He is dedicated to lifting up individuals, especially those in marginalized or disconnected communities, by helping them discover how to acquire the marketable skills they need to land better-paying jobs that lead to long-term careers.

In his role as podcast host, Kofi enthusiastically engages with guests, asking thought-provoking questions that get to the heart of the skills gap challenge. His conversations with CEOs, government and nonprofit leaders, and other experts provide valuable insight on how to help talent thrive within an organization.