Adam Scholtes

Kofi Darku

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana (Go, Irish!), Adam spent six years in various roles within the electrical distribution industry. He joined Morales Group four years ago in the business development area, and now leads a team of ten account executives. Adam is passionate about the company’s inclusive work and mission of diversity, as well as the corporate enthusiasm to serve the community.

In the Skill Up Build Up podcast, Adam uses his improvement junkie nature to ask questions that keep the interviews focused on ways listeners can optimize and streamline processes for their organizations. His strong communication and discipline compliment Kofi well.

Kofi brings more than a dozen years of experience in early childhood education development and joined the Morales Group team as the Director of Workforce Development to spearhead their new workforce development initiative. He is determined to lift up those that are marginalized or disconnected in all communities. Kofi’s gift lies in his understanding of how education is a bridge builder in leading talent to better paying opportunities and more marketable skills. 

Join Kofi weekly in this the podcast as he uses his keen sense of people to pose thought provoking questions to CEOS, Government and Nonprofits leaders on how to lead talent to thrive in their organizations.