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Keep your eyes peeled — and your ears ready — for an all-new Season 3 of the Skill Up Build Up podcast.

We will be on hiatus while we revamp our show! Our Season 1 & 2 episodes are always available to stream, on our site or wherever you get your podcasts.

In the meantime, Skill Up Build Up will be sipping mai tais in an undisclosed tropical location. 🌴

SEASON FINALE, Episode 50: The Reason Latinos Are Missing From Leadership — Indiana Latino Institute, Part I

In the season finale of the Skill Up Build Up podcast, Kofi continues with the Indiana Latino Institute. In this episode, we bring on ILI Leadership Circle participants Anabel Menifee and Juan Guzman.

Get an inside peek into why, even when in modern day “diversity” is a household word, Latinos are mysteriously absent from the movers and shakers of this country. But, ILI is doing something about it. 

Episode 49: 21st Century Challenges for the New Latino Voice — Indiana Latino Institute, Part I

In this first-part episode featuring the Indiana Latino Institute, Kofi mixes it up with CEO Marlene Dotson and education program coordinator Rachel Santos. 

The grand design of ILI has its fingers in many pots: health, education, and leadership cultivation for the Latino community. It’s systematic and well-connected. 

Learn how things have changed for the newer Latino generations, and how this community is quietly (and powerfully) effecting change at the national level. 

Episode 48: “In the Game of Business, You Either Grow or You Die” – Sarah K. Robinson, Part II

Sarah K. Robinson returns to the Skill Up Build Up podcast to dish science on Strengths Finder, the necessity to challenge yourself, and to warn against limiting beliefs. Kofi calls Sarah’s brand of coaching “a secret sauce” for companies trying to grow.

 Tune in for what’s essentially a free coaching session on Strengths Finder. Businesses — employees using their strengths every day at work are 10 times more productive! Help them develop their superpowers. 

Episode 47: “Who Are You Getting FRESH With?” – Sarah K. Robinson, Part I

Kofi snags Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder coach and bestselling author Sarah K. Robinson to illuminate the magic of working with an engaged team. The difference is tangible for your bottom line!  This part-one-of-two episode breaks down Sarah’s workplace “golden nuggets,” including her acronym F.R.E.S.H. — which stands for five skills to transform your team. 

Episode 46: Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic – Chris Purnell

In this episode of the Skill Up Build Up  podcast, Kofi cracks into the realism of a broken criminal justice system with Chris Purnell, executive director of the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. The conversation centers on the necessity of hope for the justice-involved, and the role recidivism and expungement play in that process. Spoiler alert: there is hope, and there are resources to help. 

Episode 45: The Bail Project- David Gaspar

This episode of the Skill Up Build Up podcast digs deep into the justice-involved community, how the cash-bail model is criminalizing poverty, and the profound talent pool available in this population. Kofi speaks with David Gaspar, regional operations manager of The Bail Project, about his own justice-involved past and the success story open to employers who value the person who workers can be in the present moment.

Episode 44: Diverse Talent Pools - Tiffany Hanson

In this episode of the Skill Up Build Up podcast, Adam and Kofi dig deep into realistic inclusivity solutions for disability and LGBTQ communities. Guest Tiffany Hanson, with leadership roles at both Luna Language Services and Indy Pride, reveals the effect of intentional inclusivity – as opposed to merely anti-discrimination. She offers best practices for tapping into this diverse, and underutilized, talent pool. It’s much simpler than you might expect.


Episode 42: Connecting Over Language – Jennifer Malins

Welcome to Part One of our two-part series on Indy Reads and the complex role it holds for the workforce of Indianapolis. Adam and Kofi invite Vice President Jennifer Malins to this episode of the Skill Up Build Up Podcast, where she shares the striking reality of literacy needs for immigrants and why Indiana business needs to care.


Episode 41: Triple A Certified

On this episode of the Skill Up Build Up Podcast, hear the story powerful story Garland Shockley, a 47 year-old who has totally changed his life because of his current employer, Merchandise Warehouse. Merchandise Warehouse has provided Garland the opportunity to overcome his hardships and become a role model, illuminating why second chance employees are so important to job creation in our state.


Episode 40: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Recruitment and Retention

Did you miss our last breakfast series? No worries we got you covered with this episode of the Skill Up Build Up Podcast. Learn how the emergence of digital platforms in the HR suite has changed the way organizations have to recruit, how they manage and retain talent, and what talent expects today.


Episode 30: Improve Your Culture. Engage Your Team. - Santiago Jaramillo

Kofi and Adam sit down with Co-Founder and CEO of @Emplify, @Santiago Jaramillo, to learn how he’s making more strategic, data driven decisions when it comes to employee engagement. Employees can be satisfied with their job but not truly engaged in their company’s overall mission. Learn how your organization can utilize Emplify’s tools to improve your company culture and increase your team’s engagement on this episode of the #skillupbuildup podcast. Click here to listen.


Episode 28: Operating Out of Faith - John Goo

Check out John Goo, President of MavPak on Episode 27 of the #skillupbuildup podcast. Hear how he started MavPak and how he uses his faith to service his clients and energize his internal team. John gives insight to how you can adapt your team’s strengths to engage with your workforce and operate your business with excellence. Subscribe to the Skill Up Build Up podcast on your favorite podcast app.


Episode 26: Earn and Learn

In Episode 26 of the #skillupbuildup podcast, Adam and Kofi discuss how Earn and Learn programs can benefit both employees and employers in the state of Indiana. Employees are learning valuable skills to grow their careers and employers are retaining their workforce and promoting from within, filling open positions quickly.


Episode 21: Supporting a Diverse Workforce Through Language - Marina Waters

On episode 21, Kofi and Adam have a conversation with Marina Waters, President of Luna Language Services. The goal of Luna is to provide equal access to language through consultations, translating documents, and supporting the diversification of the community. With Indianapolis being the 8th largest growing immigrant population, it has become vital to make businesses knowledgeable on the impact of a diverse workforce. Luna Language Services will stop at nothing to serve nonnative speakers in our community


Episode 19: Danny Lopez-Promising Practices

Season two of the #skillupbuildup podcast kicks off with Danny Lopez, Chairman of Governor Holcomb’s Workforce Cabinet. Adam, Kofi, and Danny discuss the need to change how we think about workforce development and post-secondary readiness.  Every year, 25,000 students graduate high school with no secondary education plans and Indiana is committed to combat this issue by teaching the various career paths available to our students.