Episode 21: Supporting a Diverse Workforce Through Language - Marina Waters

On episode 21, Kofi and Adam have a conversation with Marina Waters, President of Luna Language Services. The goal of Luna is to provide equal access to language through consultations, translating documents, and supporting the diversification of the community. With Indianapolis being the 8th largest growing immigrant population, it has become vital to make businesses knowledgeable on the impact of a diverse workforce. Luna Language Services will stop at nothing to serve nonnative speakers in our community


Episode 19: Danny Lopez-Promising Practices

Season two of the #skillupbuildup podcast kicks off with Danny Lopez, Chairman of Governor Holcomb’s Workforce Cabinet. Adam, Kofi, and Danny discuss the need to change how we think about workforce development and post-secondary readiness.  Every year, 25,000 students graduate high school with no secondary education plans and Indiana is committed to combat this issue by teaching the various career paths available to our students.