Episode 18: 2018 Recap

The first season of the Skill Up Build Up podcast has flown by. We’ve had some amazing guests on our show this year and we’ve covered a lot of topics. In this episode, Kofi and Adam sit down with our Executive Producer, Luisa Lopez, and recap the highlights from our 2018 episodes, covering the current climate in workforce development and the powerful conversations that took place in the studio. You will also get some behind the scenes moments that didn’t make the official episodes and a sneak peak at what lies ahead in 2019.



Episode 17: Immigrant Welcome Center - Terry Morris Downs

On this episode of the Skill Up Build Up podcast, Kofi and Adam sit down with Terri Morris Downs, Executive Director of the Immigrant Welcome Center. The discussion centers around their Natural Helpers Program and it provides the immigrant community with the skills needed to thrive in the work world and how this pocket of talent can be a key resource for helping employers find talent.  



Episode 15: Tech Enabled Recruitment Platform - Sally Reasoner

In this episode, Adam and Kofi sit down with Sally Reasoner, Vice President of Talent Identification at Ascend Indiana, where they discuss how Ascend bridges, divides, and fills talent gaps with network and services they provide to students in Indiana. Ascend Indiana helps translate and advocate for students to learn what jobs they qualify for and have confidence as they search and apply for jobs or internships.


Episode 9: Home for the First Time - Cole Varga

In this episode Kofi and Adam sit down with Cole Varga, Executive Director at Exodus Refugee Immigration and discuss the processes our immigrant and refugee populations endure on their journeys to the US and how and why employers should tap into this underserved population to fill their open positions.


Episode 5: Creating a Learning Culture

In today’s episode, Kofi and Adam touch on an article from the Harvard Business Review by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Josh Bersin titled “4 Ways to Create a Learning Culture on Your Team”.


Episode 4: Defining Your Culture - Don Dumoulin

In this episode, Adam and Kofi sit down with Don Dumoulin, CEO and Owner of Precise Tooling Solutions, to talk about the culture he’s built over the last six years and his insights on cultivating a new management ecosystem and environment in which your workforce can blossom.


Episode 3: Cultivating Opportunities - Blair Milo

In this episode, Kofi speaks with Blair Milo on her role as the Indiana Secretary of Career Connections and Talent, connecting job seekers and those looking to advance their skills with employers throughout the state in order to fill the estimated one million job openings expected in Indiana over the next 10 years.

Episode 2: Skilling Up Your Workforce -Jennifer McNelly

Kofi and Adam get into the nitty gritty of skilling and reskilling your talent, ways to find talent faster by changing your hiring requirements, and alternative education with Jennifer McNelly, President of 180 Skills


Episode 1: Introduction - Kofi Darku and Adam Scholtes

Welcome to the Skill up build up podcast, powered by Morales Group, where we’re leading talent to thrive. In this first episode you’ll meet our hosts, Kofi Darku, and Adam Scholtes, as they speak with Morales Group’s CEO and Co-founder, Tom Morales, and President and COO, Seth Morales, about a new type of growth for your business by tapping into an underserved workforce.